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During a Ceremony to launch a new Judicial  Year held in the House of representatives H.E told the Assembly that cases relating closely to life of Rwandans deserve more efforts to be handled soon.

President Kagame
President Kagame.

H.E Paul Kagame said that genocide ideology related crimes are the first ones to handle.

President Kagame said that justice is a milestone to the well being of citizens of any country.For him laws are a shield that protects all citizens without any discrimination .

The Head of State said that judges are meant to continuously update their knowledge according to the current evolution.

He focused on the fact that judges should  be the exemplary Rwandans in all their  deeds and reprehend any one who keeps performing badly.

President Kagame reminded the assembly on important  juridical issues that deserve a quick treatment  during this coming term ,including the ones relating to  genocide ideology,sexual violence against  women and girls,human traffic,drug abuse ,drug dealers,national treasury smugglers and people who are accused to willingly destroy  infrastructures of national interests.

Prof Rugege Sam highlighted key achievements of the  Rwandan justice system  since 2004.

He said that all of these were achieved through joint efforts of everyone being part of the justice.

In 2oo8  judicial cases were around 40,239 cases ,meaning  12 cases per judge

During last year 78 428 cases  were dealt with while currently 83. 584 cases are under treatment meaning 27 cases each month.

Martin Ngoga, The General Persecutor,underlined the necessity to electronically keeping the records and ensure that the records of genocide perpetrators are kept for further investigation.

However the persecution still faces challenges relating to unwillingness of different countries that hide the perpetrators and do not send them to Rwanda or try them in their respective countries.