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The Minister of finance Amb Clever Gatere told MPs that a loan related to Mutuelle de Sante (a kind of medical insurance) will be paid to the concerned medical centers and  will be paid not later than two months.

Minister Amb Claver Gatete
Minister Amb Claver Gatete

Amb Claver Gatete told parliamentarians that the money to pay the loan was collected and that the remaining task is to dispatch it to concerned medical centers.

The full amount of money collected from all the medical centers are equivalent to 13.6 billion Rwandan francs, he said.

The Minister of finance and economic planning assured that all preliminaries to pay back the money to the medical centers have been gathered.

The MPs were arguing that the delay to pay the money undermined the functioning of the concerned health posts, thus an emergent need to pay them faster and in the due time.

Citing different institutions that have been paid money back, Amb Claver Gatete urged that the rest of the money to pay back belongs to health posts and medical centers as well.

The government will pay an equivalent of 16.2 billion Rwandan francs, he informed.

The Mutuelle de Santé medical insurance is a uniqueness of Rwanda medical system where every Rwandan can receive medical care at a very low cost.