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The Rwandan Minister of economic plan Amb Claver Gatete said that more funds invested into health sector contributed a lot in improving living conditions and life expectancy. The current life expectancy for Rwandans reached 67 years while it was 50 years sometimes ago.

Amb Gatete as he opened the today high level meeting on health sector that started today

Amb Gatete said that during the inauguration of an international meeting of medical care practitioners taking place in Kigali.

The aim of the meeting is to increase understanding of the current health related challenges facing Africans and how they can be addressed.

Rwandan Ministry of health communicates that the government has allocated more funds in health sector to 15% as to improve living conditions of Rwandans so that they can produce more.

Min Gatete underlined the importance of that policy as good health plays a key role in one’s self-reliance and national development.

The life expectancy for Rwandans improved from 50 to 67 years and this resulted from the application of the above policy.

The Rwandan Minister of health Dr Diane Gashumba revealed that currently only 210 women of 100 000 die during the delivery while only 16 children over 1000 die at their early age.

She said that this is a small number as compared to the reality from different Sub-Saharan Africa.

The SDGs Africa Overseer Dr Belay Begashaw blamed some of African countries where more funds are invested into health sector but the outcomes are relatively poor.

He called upon health sector officials to keep assessing the effectiveness of the implementation of health policies if positive outcomes are to come out.

The theme of this meeting is entitled ‘Every Life Matters”

Participants carefully listening to the inaugura speech of Min Amb Gatete
Dr Belay who is Managing Director of the SDGs Africa delivering his speech
Different health care practitioners gather in Kigali to learn from Rwandan experience
Many panelists who intervened in the discussions
The high level meeting brought many experts from across Africa