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Byimana secondary school went in fire Sunday June 2, 2013 for the third time within two months. This happened while students were watching football game between them and a neighboring school.


The cause of fire is not clearly defined yet. “We are convinced that mattress burning is the real cause for the propagation of the fire not wires of electricity as usually suspected”, said one of the school leaders. This confuses people who strart thinking someone might be behind the fire burning instead of being electric power related issue.

This is the third time this happens in only two months.  To host the students who still pursue lessons, the school authorities relocated students into the dining room temporally. The school rent a tent to host students during lunch time

That building hosted 270 students at its first time to burning . One of the inhabitants near the school who was attending religious mass in the Catholic Church and have had someone raising voice saying the school has caught fire told Umuseke .rw  volunteers intervened to stop fire and fortunately fire stopped burning even if it damaged a lot of stuffs. Police arrived around 1:00 PM to extinguish the fire but it was relatively late.

Brother Alphonse Gahima, the School Leader did not manage to respond to the journalist calls who wanted to hear from someone in charge in order to know more about the situation  .After that tragic event ,’students went back home for a period of one week because the school is no longer able to host them for long’, school  authorities affirm.

The fire left nothing intact. The calamity befell few days after volunteers managed to provide material support for the students whom material properties got seriously damaged during the time when the fire burnt for the second time.