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In their efforts to encourage environmental protection initiatives amongst Rwandans, MINIRENA in partnership with REMA rewarded outstanding environmental activists this Monday, 5th , June, 2013 to celebrate a World Environment Day that took place at Sports View Hotel,Remera. The award was entitled ‘Best performance Environment Award’

Dr Rose Mukankomeje of REMA

Selected Journalists, Districts  and Cooperatives …were among the awarded. The theme related to the Fight against food wasting so to increase  food security in the World.


The most valuable award (HD camera,a Laptop and  a printer) was handled to Mr ISSA Kwigwira from Radio-Ishingiro.YADUSONEYE Onésphore of Radio Voice of Hope received an award of a HD camera and a Laptop.

The Third ones to be rewarded was Miss were Miss Kasine Angélique together with Edmund Kagire each received a HD camera.

Three Districts:

-Gisagara District (The Best Performer): Two Laptops, two Motocycles, a Cup and a Grains Container.

-Rubavu District (The Second Winner): One Motorcycle, two Laptops and a modernized Well for Water conservation.

-Nyamasheke District (The Last Winner): One Motocycle, One Laptop and a modernized Well.

Concerning public institutions:

-Uburumbuke Cooperative from Kirehe District received its award relating to a Cup, a Motocycle, a Laptop, a Printer and a Camera.

-Duhinduke Cooperative from Gasabo received a Motorcycle, a Laptop and a Printer as award.

-Lastly came the COABIMU cooperative from Rutsiro District that received a Printer and a HD camera.

Minister Stanislas Kamanzi, in charge of natural resources, thanked the awarded and encouraged everyone to care for environment.