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Private Sector: A Sexually Corrupted Entity

On its recent research paper Transparency Rwanda reveals that sexually based corruption reaches 84, 5% up against women and 15, 5% up against men. Rwandan


Environmental activists awarded.

In their efforts to encourage environmental protection initiatives amongst Rwandans, MINIRENA in partnership with REMA rewarded outstanding environmental activists this Monday, 5th , June, 2013


136 refugees are back home

Tuesday, 4, June, not less than 136 refugees came back home from neighbors: DRC and Burundi.46 entered Rwanda via Rusizi and are now sheltered at


France remains silent: For how long?

As France is accused to have supported genocide perpetrators in Rwanda, one can ask him/herself why French authorities remain silent and do not recognize their


No Demand for Apology to Kigali – Says President Kikwete

Dodoma — PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete will not apologise for the advice he made to Rwandan Government to enter into talks with rebels to end 16


REDRESS advocates for a quick and fair trial of 5 recent genocide suspects

The REDRESS welcomes the arrest of five men- Emmanuel Nteziryayo, Charles Munyaneza, Celestin Ugirashebuja, Vincent Bajinya and Celestin Mutabaruka. Concerns remain about the ongoing delay


US chose to ignore Rwandan genocide

  Classified papers show Clinton was aware of ‘final solution’ to eliminate Tutsi.President Bill Clinton’s administration knew Rwanda was being engulfed by genocide in April


He is back home after 19 years of separation due to Genocide

Mathias Nduwayezu found his real family members after 19 years of separation due to genocide. His When he separated with his family due to being


ES Byimana burned for the third time in two months

Byimana secondary school went in fire Sunday June 2, 2013 for the third time within two months. This happened while students were watching football game


Civic education through sporting activities

Last Saturday, different districts hosted sporting activities that aimed to honor Genocide victims who good at practicing sporting activities across Rwanda Districts such as Rabavu,Rwamagana,Musanze