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Facebook reveals the heart is its most popular emoji

Facebook launched its popular reaction emoji’s one year ago and it’s been revealed that the ‘Love’ reaction is the most popular one.  Among the available


There’s no better time to see Rwanda’s majestic gorillas

This year marks an amazing feat in wildlife conservation: 50 years of dedicated efforts to save Africa’s rare mountain gorillas. Spearheaded by the extraordinary work of


New York police in search of drone crashing through high-rise apartment window

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has been looking for the owner of a recalled GoPro drone since it crashed through a window of a


Can YOU use the technology in your car?

Technology glitches including Bluetooth phone pairing and misunderstood voice commands put a dent in car and truck reliability scores in a major survey of automobile


Horrifying moment starving chimps chase a mother monkey and EAT it

This gruesome video captures the moment a pack of hungry chimpanzees rip apart a rival monkey in a desperate search for food. The footage shows


New Zealand Is Not Just A Small Bunch Of Islands – It’s The Lost Continent Of Zealandia

A group of geologists is making a new push to add an eighth continent to the accepted list, known as Zealandia. The scientists have been


Fifth Crop Harvested Aboard Space Station

After spending nearly a month tending to the International Space Station’s first crop of Chinese cabbage, astronaut Peggy Whitson harvested the leafy greens on Feb.


Amazon takes on videoconferencing with new noise cancelling Chime app

Amazon has added another tool to its long list of services – a video conferencing and chat app.  Called Amazon Chime, the app uses on-click


Malawi Police in manhunt for Rwandan refugee murder suspect

Malawi Police in Dowa have intensified search for unknown suspects who murdered a 19 year-old Rwandan, Misigalo Kamiziyo at Dzaleka Refugee Camp in the district.


Top Nazi propagandist Goebbels’ secretary dies at 106

Brunhilde Pomsel, the former secretary to Nazi Germany’s propaganda boss Joseph Goebbels, has died aged 106. Her job brought her into close contact with Goebbels