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Make your haters your motivators, not enemies

A hater is someone who derives joy from witnessing your failure, they enjoy seeing you fail, and playing on their terms is a no-win situation


Late Dormant Students Are Cleverer Than Early Dormant Students

Researchers from the University of Madrid studied the circadian rhythms – or natural body clocks –  of around 1,000 teenagers. They classified the teens as


Urban creatures found to have bigger brains than their country cousins.

A U.S biologist has found human behaviour could be driving the evolution of animals’ brains by changing the habitats in which they live. The research


‘Apple’s nightmare’: Amazon considering offering smartphones for free, claims report

Online retail giant Amazon is considering offering its much-anticipated smartphone for free, it has been reported.The retailer is understood to be aiming to ‘undercut rivals’


Scientists ‘prove’ that generosity not selfishness is the only way modern civilization can survive!

It’s long been thought that humans evolved by looking out for themselves and making selfish decisions, yet it appears this evolution theory may have taken


3 Secrets of the Self-Employed.

Working for yourself has its perks: you call the shots, lead the company, and, hey, even make the dress code (slippers, please!). But there are


5 Random Ways to Make $$$ from Home

It’s early in the morning and your alarm clock goes off; if there was a choice between getting dressed, ready and out the door and


New timeline for origin of ancient Egypt

A new timeline for the origin of ancient Egypt has been established by scientists. A team from the UK found that the transformation from a land


Girlfriend Swallows Phone To Prevent Her Boyfriend From Reading The Text Messages

This is so weird!!! 19 year Brazilian Adriana Andrade woke up in the hospital after swallowing her mobile phone,she did this to prevent her boyfriend Renato from


Bishop dies after suspected snake bite

Shock gripped churches across Teso sub-region yesterday, following the death of Teso’s longest serving Bishop and presidential adviser who died after a suspected snake bite.