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Five rare lionesses spotted in Botswana have MANES and behave like males

With their bushy manes and a powerful roar to match, the masculine behaviour observed in a group of lions in Botswana might not seem out


Slavery in America

Slavery in America began when the first African slaves were brought to the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, to aid in the


Air Pollution: Africa’s Invisible, Silent Killer

Air pollution remains a major challenge in Africa. About 600,000 deaths every year across the continent are associated with this invisible killer. With 23 per


Can the iPhone 7 survive being frozen in Coca-Cola?

The new iPhone 7 may be water-resistant – but a technology vlogger decided to test whether it could survive after being frozen in Coca-Cola for


Leonardo DiCaprio and Google unveil free technology that lets anyone spy on global illegal fishing from space

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has teamed up with Google to create a new satellite-based surveillance system to spy on illegal fishing. The technology, which is being


The eagerly- anticipated Apple iPhone 7 went on sale on Friday morning in 28 countries across the world

There was excitement, chaos and hysteria across the world today as Apple fans finally got their hands on the iPhone 7, in what has been


Government’s spies start building national firewall to protect British internet users from hostile websites

GCHQ are rolling out plans to create a national firewall which will potentially block malicious websites from all UK home computers. The spy agency said


Facebook and Twitter ‘are making children feel uglier

Children who are heavy users of social media are unhappier with their appearance than those who never use such sites, according to a Government study.


Red Planet revealed

These images reveal in stunning detail the hills, plateaus and rock faces of the Red Planet. Taken by the mast camera on NASA’s Curiosity Mars


Did ancient Incas sacrifice CHILDREN?

Archaeologists in Peru have found more than a dozen ancient tombs at a coastal ruin complex, including the remains of two children whose feet were