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Anne Frank was a Jewish girl dead during the NAZI regime of Hitler during the genocide perpetrated against the Jews across the Europe since 1935 up to 1945. Born in Germany in 1929, Anne Frank is one of the most famous Jewish victims of the Holocaust because of the diary she kept during her time in hiding before being captured by the Nazis.

Anne Frank’ Dairy,new version

She was only 13 years old when she and her family went into hiding. The writings from the two years she spent in such close proximity to her family was discovered and published by her father, Otto Frank and continue to touch people today

Early Life

Frank was born on the eve of dramatic changes in German society that would soon disrupt her family’s happy, tranquil life as well as the lives of all other German Jews. When Hitler became Chancellor of Germany on January 20, 1933, the Frank family immediately realized that it was time to flee. Otto later said, “Though this did hurt me deeply, I realized that Germany was not the world, and I left my country forever.” “Because we’re Jewish, my father immigrated to Holland in 1933, where he became the managing director of the Dutch Opekta Company, which manufactures products used in making jam.” After years of enduring anti-Semitism in Germany, the Franks were relieved to once again enjoy freedom in their new hometown of Amsterdam. “In those days it was possible for us to start over and to feel free,” Otto recalled. Anne Frank started at the Montessori School in 1934, and throughout the rest of the 1930s she lived a relatively happy and normal childhood. Frank had many friends, Dutch and German, Jewish and Christian, and she was a bright and inquisitive student.

Lessons to learn from Anne Frank

Writing diaries telling our stories

A diary is a compilation of one’s life experience from a daily basis. It is not easy to write down one’s daily happenings but with minimum efforts this can materialize. How?

Steps for   a good start up

First, have a relatively big and strong notebook that can resist wetly and dusty places. Its cover needs to be strong enough to be manipulated every day. This must be the case for the papers inside.

Secondly, dispose a pen and a calm place where you can recall what main situations you went through that day. That place should have a chair, large and comfortable table with a lamp

Don’t be embarrassed about the fact that you might have forgotten some facts. It does not matter. What matters most is to write down something though little that happened that day. Remember to write date and place to help you recall that day as a picture in case you read the dairy. Anne Frank wrote her diary when she was hiding from NAZI squadrons. You should hide too because this is your own life written down by you, yourself.

Take your time and write in privacy. None should know what your experience is unless you wish to. Every day lives of people are the milestones for social scientists of tomorrow to investigate on how Rwandans endured the Post- Genocide Era. Finally for a dairy to be effective its writer needs to be honest and unbiased. You should never forge events that never happened. Be honest and let your thought flow. None will blame you.

Anne’ Original Diary

Nizeyimana Jean Pierre.