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African Innovation Prize (AIP) is a UK-based charity founded in 2010 by Cambridge University graduates to spur students’ innovation and entrepreneurship skills  in Africa, through university-based business planning competitions


In its second phase reserved for business plan competition, the AIP (African Innovation Prize)aims at helping students to become real business- minded people.

Its second phase will consist of a Business Plan Competition whereby students from universities: KIST, NUR and SFB will have to develop and submit a business plan not exceeding 1500 words to submit not later than June 15th 2013.

Talking to the AIP Local Director KUBWIMANA Hervé, he told us that first winner of the competition will be awarded 2 million Rwandan Francs and AIP will provide a technical help to establishing and sustaining his/her business to last longer.

The African Innovation Prize aim at encouraging entrepreneurial skills amongst Rwandan youth in general .DREAM, DESIGN, and DEDICATE is their trinity philosophy in as far as business development is concerned.

The AIP Business Plan Competition was piloted with KIST Entrepreneurship Club in 2010 and 2011. In 2012, the online competition expanded to include three other universities: KIST, SFB, and NUR.

Students from other universities are urged to establish similar clubs in both public and private universities