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After 46 Weeks of intensive training in military skills, 45 high ranking military officers graduated in the presence of His Excellence Paul Kagame who is Chief Commander of Rwandan Defenses Forces.

President Paul Kagame with Senior Officers of RDF. at Nyakinama

The graduated officers received high training in war planning and commanding on earth, in air and water. They also received training on how to provide support anytime needed in case fellow solders need it during wartime.

Brig.General Mupenzi, the Rector of the College, reminded the graduates that the education received is a daily work for them so to always be ready to implement that knowledge.

The Guest of Honor, His Excellence Paul Kagame said that that graduation ceremony is a big achievement for a College that has been operating for one year. He also advised graduates to keep practicing on what they know.

“The people you are entrusted to guard are keen to see your performance as you finish your courses”said President Paul Kagame.

He underlined that RDF is known for its discipline therefore graduates are required to keep it up,to uphold these values.

His Excellence also talked said about people who are called specialists in Rwandan affairs who,according to Him,continue to dismiss the image of our nation.

The Nyakinama Senior Command and Staff College was inaugurated by the President of the Republic  on 23rd ,Jully,2012.Most of  graduates are ranked Major in RDF.

Vénuste Kamanzi