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This was the key issue of the event that took place last weekend at Kigali Public Library. The event brought together different speakers including writers, journalists, novelists, guitar players, among others.

The youth attending the event

The Director Manager of the Afflutus Africa organizatuon that spearheaded the Inspire to Inspire project Ganza Bertin Kanamugire affirms that the aim is to bring peoples who can inspire others, motivating them to undertake income generating projects, among other important things.

Opening the session, Honorine Ineza who is this project manager briefly introduced the Afflactus Africa organization to her audience.

One of the speakers called Patrick Bucyana said that he developed a reading culture where he is able to read a book a week.

For him reading habit develops through regular practice. Reading for fun is likely to become a reading habit, intended to increase one’s knowledge.

Another speaker who is a known journalist Magnus Mazimpaka reminded participants that a good reader can potentially become a good leader.

Reading paves a way to leading, he said.

Another panelist also said that reading enables her to sleep quietly.

Children from parents who embraced reading culture are most ikely to become future effective readers.

This is the case for Ms Deborah Ingabire. She revealed that her mother, who was teacher, inspired her to ready at her tender age.

My mother took me to libraries several times, she said. Some of the recommendations from the panelists to the audience focused on the importance of organizing reading schedules.

The long waited speaker  Dele Okeyemi. The audience were very excited about hearing from him.

Some of the topics he emphasized on setting up a purpose before opening a book.

Passion development about reading is another key ingredient one has to acquire, he revealed.

He told the audience to think and write down what they want to achieve while reading.

As Dele was concluding these remarks, he gave the audience books and videos to use while refreshing on how effective reading can be done.

The closing remark was done by Mr Bertin Ganza(the founder of Afflatus africa) where he thank the guest speaker, panel moderator, panelists and the audience for their kind support

Panelists exchanging ideas with the audience
The event took place at Kigali Public Library


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