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President Paul Kagame told diplomats accredited into Rwanda that the aim of Rwanda is to settle some of African migrants undergoing torturing experiences in Libya to Rwanda and let them enjoy better lives as decent Africans and human beings.

President Kagame said that African migrants to be settled in Rwanda will have a better life

He said that those African migrants will experience better living opportunities in Rwanda rather than crossing deadly oceans towards Europe or dying by hunger and being sold as slaves in Libyan territories.

P Kagame told the audience that in 2017 he called upon Africans to join efforts and experiences as to overcome all challenges that continent faces.

He said Africans are able to handle all hindrances that undermine their social and economic progress only if they effectively cooperate.

The issue of African migrants being mistreated in Libya and elsewhere shocked Africans in 2017. We felt sorry but this was not enough and remain calm. We have a moral responsibility to assess underlying causes and take reliable measures to handle the situation accordingly, The President said.

 Kagame underlined that the issue involves all African nations to take a stand as to resolve it.

The Head of State Paul Kagame promised the diplomats that Rwanda has taken decision to host migrants wishing to live in Rwanda.

He said that Rwanda is not a small county enable to host all its citizens and whoever willing to live in Rwanda.

President Kagame affirmed that those African migrants will surely live better in Rwanda than risking their lives heading to Europe using dangerous means.

Diplomats listening to HE Paul Kagame
Cheers Mr President!!
The dinner was attended by all diplomats accredited in Rwanda
President Kagame chats with one of the invited diplomats
First Lady Jeannette Kagame with the UK Ambassador to Rwanda Ms Joanne Lomas
Foreign Affairs Ministet Louise Mushikiwabo chats with Sweden Ambassador to Rwanda Ms Jenny Ohlsson


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