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Dr Agnes Karibata said that  during a show during which  she was explaining about the claims that the seeds of maize provided to farmers since the beginning of this agriculture term were not as effective as expected.


The show was broadcasted by different  radio stations including: Isango star,the host,,Inkoramutima, Izuba, Ishingiro,Isangano,and Voice of Africa.

The aim was to discuss on the different cases pertaining to the use of fertilizers and seeds during this agricultural term.

Different guest speakers including MINAGRI Chief , Madame Agnes Karibata , RAB deputy manager ,Mr Innocent Musabyimana ,and Ms Florantine a journalist from Huguka radio stations,a radio that mostly covers stories pertaining  to agriculture.

The show guided by journalists Fred Muvunyi and Solange Ayanone

The major topic to discuss related to the fact that the seeds of maize provided to farmers did not grow as effectively as expected.

Dr Agnes Karibata of MINAGRI
Dr Agnes Karibata of MINAGRI

Madame  Karibata said that this was due to a viral infection discovered thereafter the seeding activities started.

“The crisis was found  after  10% of seeds was given to farmers and cultivated .Thus ,we took the remaining seeds back to prevent them from being used while the crisis was still underway, said Minister Karibata.

Asked why the Ministry did not prevent this from happening as a Ministry that is responsible of that , Dr Karibata said that the Ministry, with its stakeholders, purchased the seeds assuming they were for the best quality as usual but later on found that some of the seeds were contaminated.

After we found these seeds were contaminated we withdrew the rest of  it as to prevent the rest of the soil and seeds from being contaminated, replied the Minister of Agriculture , Karibata.

About the claims on replacing the hybrid seeds of maize for beans,Minister Karibata said that this is not something technically  wrong as both seeds can co-grow and if one spoils another one remains intact and people do  not starve from hunger.

All that the Ministry does is in the interest of Rwandans ,to ensure that Rwandans are food secured, Dr Karibata says.

Journalist Florentine said that seeds of Irish potatoes both delayed to be provided to farmers and were too expensive.

Maize plantations
Maize plantations

To this Dr Karibata said that the problem is not that, rather it  relates to the fact that  farmers keep seeding a unique  Irish potatoes sample   within a unique soil that gets old after a relatively long time of use.

People should know that the seeds are expensive as regard to the crops or products harvested thereafter, replied Minister Karibata, who assured Rwandans that seeds are being distributed to farmers  across the nation as to help them seed before the seeding period ends up.

Asked about what is reserved for the farmers who are likely to loose their products, she said that the private sector has invested into agriculture insurances to assist them in case they face losses.

The first Agriculture term starts from September-October and ends in January-February each year.

The MINAGRI says that the current one has started earlier to prevent losses that likely could happen if the rainy season ends unexpectedly,said Mr Innocent Musabyimana

This show was held in collaboration with the Instititut Panos Paris(IPP)and  L’ Association Rwandaise des Journalistes (ARJ) both aiming at promoting debate on issues that concern Rwanda.

EU The Sponsor
EU The Sponsor

This weekly show on six radio stations highlighted in the introduction takes place every Sunday from 2h00Pm up  to 3 Pm.It is financially supported by the European Union.



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