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Due to recent heavy rains, bridge that joined different neighborhoods of Rubavu District have been broken.

The Broken Bridge

This cause interruption of daily activites local inhabitants was used to carry out. Neither car nor passenger passes; no activity can be carried out using the bridge. The financial loss is huge and food transportation cannot be carried out in the neighboring cells.

Local population urges for support to bring the bridge to normal state so to help them recover.

Ngabonzima Vénuste, the local trader, told Umuseke rw reporter that the economic implications of the unproductive state of the bridge are remarkable and will continue to bring chaos if nothing is done very early and quicker.

Sebikari Munyanganizi, the Sector coordinator, promises that the bridge will be operating in up-coming days as all efforts are being put together for its rehabilitation.

Mahoko inhabitants are also complaining they lose a lot due to that trade interruption.

No easy communication is possible!

Maisha Patrick