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President Paul Kagame told all leaders gathered in the National Assembly that poverty is a threat to Rwandans and accordingly it needs to be eradicated once of all.

President Paul Kagame
President Paul Kagame

President Kagame said this during a speech he delivered to officials during a event prepared to launch the Imihigo contract that took place  in the House of Representatives at Kimihurura.

Poverty needs to be eradicated from its roots because none needs to remain with a portion of poverty,said H.E Paul Kagame.

He urged the private sector to be actively involved in the implementation of the today’s contract as  to achieve the targeted economic goals quickly and effectively.

However the President Kagame recognized the obvious involvement of private operators in economic development.

Among the 112o new classrooms,only 600 classrooms were built by public institutions while others  were built by private operators, added H.E Paul Kagame.

For President Kagame ,The Imihigo contract are rooted on the Rwandan culture and this could reinforce the willingness to fully implement them.

President Kagame told the gathering that the EDPRS (Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategies)is a program that has shown its effectiveness in reducing poverty rate.

For him,the fact that the EDPRS I has helped Rwandans to emerge from poverty should encourage Rwandans to support the next EDPRS II so to build upon the already achievements .

As Rwandan economy keeps on increasing at a rate of 8% ,H.E wishes the economic growth to increase at the rate of 11.5% and hopes the rate of poverty will decrease to 15%  within next five years.

Five Districts were awarded for their performance during this ending Imihigo Contract term.These district are: Kamonyi,Karongi and Kicukiro.

President Kagame thanked the best performing districts and encouraged other districts to provide more efforts during these coming term.


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