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In a today’s press conference held in Kigali the Secretaty general of the RPF Inkoranyi says that the party is ready to win in the coming presidential elections due to its achievements in the past two decades.

Francois Ngarambe told reporters that the RPF Inkotanyi will start campaigning on 14 in Ruhango district

Francois Ngarambe was explaining to media the campaigning program of the ruling party RPF Inkotanyi that is scheduled to start on Friday this week in Ruhango District, South Province.

Ngarambe said that there is a full confidence that his party will win the elections as Rwandans are well knowledgeable about its achievements in the past over 20 years.

This will drive voters to cast their votes on our side, he said.

He said that RPF Inkotanyi is committed to keep improving the livelihoods of Rwandans in the coming years.

The RPF flag bearer Paul Kagame will start campaigning on 14, July in Ruhango district and end his campaign on 02nd , August, 2017 in Gasabo District.

His is expected to reach every district of Rwanda as F Ngarambe pointed it out.


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