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RDB affirms that a removal of barriers to quality services is a priority to achieve the Noza Serivise Program.

Akamanzi Claire in the middle
Akamanzi Claire in the middle

“We aim at removing all barriers that hinder people from getting quality services .Only necessary steps to receive a service are to uphold” Akamanzi Claire told NGOs ,civil society organizations and journalists yesterday in StippHotel

One of the serious hindrances highlighted during that one day workshop is the time it takes someone to have a visa and traveling papers to foreign countries.

Angela Rugo from Tourism Chamber told that poor service delivery undermines Rwandan economy in different areas.

For her,one of the of the indicators of poor services is a lack of effective communication between leaders and stakeholders.

Mrs Akamanzi Claire acknowledges that effective communication is lacking in different areas but she urged all services providers to remove this barrier so to be transparent and fair in services delivering.

Rwandans who have the ID cards should not delay to receive quality services like receiving a visa card as Rwandan IDs are technologically made up and have all necessary data.

In Rwanda technology is a key to facilitating quick services delivery and accessibility.



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