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The German based car making company Volkswagen is aiming at starting car assembling activities in Kigali not later than the upcoming July, 2018.  The launching event will be held on June, 28, 2018.

This is a model of the cars to be assembled in Kigali

The announcement was made by the Volkswagen Group South Africa’ Manager Matt Gennrich, who claim that many of its important activities will inaugurated at that event.

Among the services to get inaugurated include the ‘Integrated Mobility Solution’, sell and buy solutions and a tech application to help car sharing processes among people.

The first process to be implemented will be the car sharing system while others will follow.

There will also be a car assembling factory to help local technicians increase their skills

This factory’s construction is meant to get started at the beginning of the coming July, 2018.

Car spare parts will also be made available for users and technicians.

On March, 2018, the Volkswagen senior management appointed the Rwandan Michaella Rugwizangonga as its Volkswagen Mobility Solutions-Rwanda.

CEO of Volkswagen Mobility-Solutions Rwanda Michaella Rugwizangoga-