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He became the second performer in the cycling world championship that is taking place in Norway. Valens Ndayisenga won the second place after a South African named Smit Willie. The first round of male cyclists took place yesterday and was attended by various renowned cyclists from all over the world.

Ndayisenga is 24 years old

Becoming number 52 among all competing cyclists won him to be second African best rider in the race.

The first round was held in the streets surrounding the Bergen city in Norway where participants had to run about 31 kilometers long distance.

Valens Ndayisenga who is the champion in the Rwanda in the cycling sport was the only Rwandan participating in the race that is taking place in Norway.

He won the Tour du Rwanda cycling championship twice, in 2014 and in 2016.

Smit Willie from South Africa was the first African to have performed better as he came number 49 in the race.

The champion in this race is the Netherland native Tom Dumoulin while the worldly renowned cyclist Chris Froome came number three.

On Saturday, September, 24, 2017 there will be another race that will feature Rwandan cyclists from Team Rwandan namely Valens Ndayisenga, Areruya Joseph and Mugisha Samuel.

The coach of the Team Rwanda is Sterling Magnell.

Fans were numerous to support the riders
This is the distance where cyclists have to ride in
He became the second African to have performed better in the ongoing world cycling championship taking place in Norwat


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