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As part of a significant partnership to accelerate economic development in Rwanda, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Rwanda Society for Performance Improvement hosted a one-day conference on Thursday, August 11, at the Kigali Marriott Hotel titled, “Everything Counts: Measuring Performance in Rwanda’s Service Industry” focused on improving service sector development and performance.

Ambassador Barks-Ruggles Speaks to Audience
Ambassador Barks-Ruggles Speaks to Audience

The event was organized as part of USAID’s Human and Institutional Capacity Development project, a Rwf 11.7 billion, five-year initiative that works to improve the performance of selected government institutions and civil society organizations from the health, education, and agricultural sectors.

Through training, coaching, and mentorship, USAID has strengthened the capacity of over 1,000 government and civil society professionals and 15 institutions and organizations to achieve their goals, better serve the Rwandan people, and expand the service sector of Rwanda’s economy.

Research and analysis have shown that the development of the service sector, a key pillar of the economy, can help Rwanda achieve its goal of becoming a middle-income country by 2020. However, much remains to be done to improve service delivery in Rwanda, including setting clear standards for customer service and measuring progress toward that objective.

The conference was opened by the Honorable Francis Gatare, Chief Executive Officer of the Rwanda Development Board and Erica J. Barks-Ruggles, United States Ambassador to Rwanda. “Investment in human resource development can be a reliable driver toward economic excellence,” said Ambassador Barks-Ruggles.

“Through USAID, over 1,000 government and civil society representatives have received training, coaching, and mentorship… USAID also supported Rwanda in achieving certification through the International Society for Performance Improvement for 15 Rwandans as Certified Professional Technologists in institutional performance. This means that Rwanda now has the most Certified Professional Technologists in all of Africa.”

“Everything Counts” brought together business professionals, government leaders, civil society representatives, as well as recognized experts in the field of performance improvement, to share best practices in delivering success through customer service excellence. The conference featured seasoned experts in customer service, who shared first-hand knowledge and experience to inspire excellence in Rwanda’s growing service industry.