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During a press conference held at New York, UN Headquarters, Hassan Abubacar Jallow, urged that international community needs to bring more efforts together  to track down all 1994 genocide perpetrators and bring them to justice before it is too late to occur.

Mr Hassan Bubacar Jallow

“It is not easy to catch them but with constant efforts, we hope remaining fugitives will be brought to justice. Those fugitives change their identities very constantly, change their hometowns and houses and sometimes corrupt local authorities” added Jallow.

According to UN website ( Hassan Bubacar Jallow called upon those fugitives to willingly bring themselves to justice because, as he continued, the crime they committed is a universal and never decays.

High ranking fugitives

These fugitives are classified into two categories:

Category one involves high ranking fugitives pursued by ICTR and involves:

– Protais Mpiranya, ex-Presidential Guard Officer,

-Augustin Bizimana ex- Minister of Local Government,

– Kabuga Félicien, a famous entrepreneur who is accused to have financially supported genocide execution.

Category two includes:

-Fulgence Kayishema,Munyarugamba Phénéas,Sikubwabo Charles ,Ndimbati Aloys,Ntaganzwa Ladislas and Ryandikayo Charles .Those individuals are pursued by Rwandan Justice Institutions.

USA accepted to pay $ 5M to anyone will reveal hiding places of these fugitives in order to bring them to justice.