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During the genocide 1994,UN peacekeeping Forces known as UNAMIR(MINUAR in French)did not intervene claiming that it was not part of  their mission to get militarily involved to stopping the killings.

They chose to remain silent

The UNAMIR  forces under the command of Gen Romeo Dallaire were under the obligation of remain neutral during that crisis because for the UN it was a violation of the UN Bill. Meanwhile million of Tutsi  were being hunted down and  mercilessly killed by a government that was recognized as UN member State.

In 1999 UN Report we read that ‘young children, women and men were massacred within of hundred days from April to July 1994 and added that this crime will remain as the Greatest Crime of the 20 Century’.

UN did nothing to neither prevent nor stop the Genocide from happening. According to the Canada Free Press UN keeps reopening wounds of Rwandans instead of healing them.

This has been made clear by an recent bombing towards Rwanda that UN and FARDC had been involved in.RDF has shown that these bombs originated from MONUSCO military bases.

The UN has 17000 Soldiers operating in DRC as MONUSCO. The fact that numerous crimes are still being committed shows that MONUSCO does not fulfill its missions.

MONUSCO is accused to be backing FDLR militias in DRC and FARDC (Forces Armées de la Republique Démocratique).

The Ambasador of Rwanda in UN Mr Gasana Richard Eugène presented a letter to Security Council Miss Rosemary Dicarlo communicating to her the evidence that MONUSCO backs FDLR militias.

However The UN Secretary General said that there is no tangible evidence that MONUSCO has ever collaborated with FDLR.

Even life the UNAMIR(MINUAR in French) proved incompetent to stop the genocide  Rwanda never searched for more proofs.It is surprising to see at which extent the UN searches for more evidence.

Today the UN does not promote stable relations between it and Rwanda. Rather lit keeps tarnish its image  and reputation in front of Rwandans