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The United Nations has commended the role by Rwandan Police peacekeepers serving under the UN Multidimensional Stabilization Mission in Central African Republic (MINUSCA) for their quick response to protect an IDP camp, when it was attacked by an armed group, recently.

Between June 30 and July 2, the Rwanda Formed Police Unit Two (RWAFPU2) contingent in CAR successfully secured an Internally Displaced person (IDP) camps in Kaga-Bandoro region, when it experienced series of attacks from ex-seleka militias.

The IDP camps located about 400km from the capital Bangui, is a home of about 25, 000 displaced persons and currently under the protection of RWAFPU2.

In a formal letter dated July 21, and directed to the contingent commander of RWAFPU2, Chief Superintendent Jean Claude Kajeguhakwa, Dr. Renner Onana, the chief of the Human Rights and Justice Section in MINUSCA recognized the Rwandan peacekeepers crediting their “professional, exemplary and sacrifice for the people of CAR.”

“In the name of MINUSCA and the people of Kaga-Bandoro, I want to express our sincere gratitude for your sacrifices and the value you give the people of Kaga-Bandoro and CAR in general,” Onana said in the letter.

“You have been there for the people every time they needed you. Your deeds presents hope. Your actions will forever be in the history of MINUSCA and the UN Security Council,” the letter adds.

“Your actions speak for themselves; on many occasions, during your usual patrols, you have always prevented crimes and arrested criminals. Your actions have gone beyond your mandate… your human security activities (umuganda) have also prevented other disasters that would arise out of poor sanitation and hygiene,” the letter adds.

During the three-day stand-off, the Rwandan Police peacekeepers, who repulsed the group, killed and captured some attackers, recovered weapons including arms from them.

Media reports at the time, however, quoted MINUSCA sources, erroneously, crediting Pakistan peacekeepers for the successful operation.

Rwanda maintains about 450 police peacekeepers in CAR, with 420 of them organized in three contingents; two FPU contingents and a PSU, each composed of 140 officers.

Others are Individual Police Officers (IPOs), who work as advisors, mentors and trainers.

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