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This Thursday morning, the Government of UK arrested five Rwandans suspecting them to have committed or stirred the Genocide perpetuated against Tutsi in 1994.

Celestin Ugurashebuja

Celestin Ugirashebuja at  60 years old is among the arrested.

Three of them were District  mayors in Abatabazi Government that committed Genocide. Emmanuel Nteziryayo   (currently 51 years old) was Mayor of ex Mudasomwa district, Charles Munyaneza (55 years old) was Mayor of ex Kinyamakara District and Celestin Ugirashebuja was Mayor of Kigoma district. All of these districts are now located in Southern Province.

Two others of them include the former leader of ex “ONAPO (a kind of birth regulation authority in former regimes) Dr. Vincent Bajinya, 52 years old, and Celestin Mutabaruka of 57 years ,the former leader of Crete Zaire Nile Project.

The decision to send them to  face Rwandan justice remains controversial and they are supposed appeal into court next Wednesday 5, June 2013.

The National General Prosecution  Authority  told that Rwanda is praised to hear the arrest of genocide suspects in UK.

“We are praised to know that they have been arrested as we requested and we hope that all of them will appeal before the court for their role in genocide and other related crimes in 1994.”The National General Persecution Authority  statement reads


Emmanuel Nteziryayo

Emmanuel Nteziryayo ,the former leader of Mudasomwa lived in Manchester where he was known on the name of “papa Alice”. In 2001 Manchester Police tried to catch  him but abandoned.


Dr Vincent Bajinya a.k.a  Vincent Brown

Dr. Vincent Bajinya changed the name to Vincent Brown for Britain nationality. waits for details concerning Bernard Munyagishari who is supposed to be sent  to Rwanda by International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in the upcoming months.

 Kamanzi Vénuste