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American television producer and owner of Burbank-based Park Hill Entertainment Shirley Neal advised local filmmakers, last Thursday, to network with film experts to acquire professional skills.


Neal’s producer and writer credits include Travel Channel’s “Suite Luxury”, A&E’s “Biography” series, Tone’s “Living With Soul”, NBC Universal’s “Remarkable Journey”, TV Land’s “Inside TV Land” and six seasons of The Los Angeles Emmy Awards, among others.

The star shared her experience in the film industry with The New Times’ Sarah Kwihangana. Below are the excerpts.

Q: What brings you to Rwanda?

A: I am in Rwanda for a number of reasons that include attending the Rwanda film festival and to write an article for the MovieMaker Magazine. It is an international magazine widely distributed in America.

The article I am working on is about the film community in Rwanda but I am mostly focusing on Eric Kabera and his film institute since they are celebrating their 10th anniversary next year.

And as a film maker I am co-producing with Kabera his next feature documentary that will be distributed internationally in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

This is a very uplifting story where we are looking at how the traditional dance and music celebrates the identity of Rwanda.

Q: How would you compare Rwanda’s film industry with that of America?

A: I think its Apples and Oranges because in America particularly where I come from it’s a big business and it’s not regarded as a business here yet. However, I think Rwanda’s film industry is growing and will soon emerge on the continent. And one of the reasons the MovieMaker Magazine was interested in covering it is because there is a lot going on here.

You can’t compare Rwanda’s film industry to that in America, but I can look at it and say it’s an exciting time for the industry.

There are a lot of U.S filmmakers and talent that are looking to come here in Rwanda and do something.

The New Times

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