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Two schools will represent the Rwandan rugby 7s in this year’s Federation of East African Secondary schools Associations (FEASSA) which will take place in Rwanda (Musanze District) from 12-20th August, 2018.

Rwandan rugby players

Those schools include ASPEKA and JAM. FEASSA 2018 will attract schools from Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and the host Rwanda will be represent by 35 teams in eleven disciplines. As it happened during the recent years, the newly added 7s format competition will run alongside the 15’aside format.

For the Rwandan side, the both coaches of ASPEKA and JAM, Nizeyimana Alex and Hakizimana Laurien, vow that they are confident of their teams to win the competition after a good performance in previous Inter-schools National League

Accordind to Rwanda rugby technical director Claude Aime ezoua The two rugby school teams  which will reprent  Rwanda in rugby sevens possesses indvidually and technically of potential quality.

However, the tactical aspect remains to be improved. It is: first know how to dissociate seven rugby of the fifteen is to know how to use space in the field secondarily use the rhythms of games: when it is necessary to accelerate or relent the game situation.

Fixing this two problem will allow both teams to have an honorable honor in the next tournament in Rwanda.