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Two people were apprehended on Wednesday in Bugesera district in connection with forging and selling of driving licenses.
 The suspects were arrested separately in Ruhuha sector after one of them identified as Xavier Munyaneza, was found in possession of  three forged driving licenses.

Police also recovered passport photos of people, whom the suspects were allegedly trying to help acquire a driving licence through illegal channels.
Supt. Jean Marie Ndushabandi, the spokesperson of the Traffic and Road Safety department said forged licences are easy to detect and warned anyone that could be holding a fake one or forging them.
“There are some individuals who take advantage of the ignorance of some people and con them of their money by selling them forged licence with or without knowledge that they are not real,” Supt. Ndushabandi said.
“Those seeking a driving licence or any other road traffic related document should go through available legal channels. If you want a vehicle inspection certificate, you can only get it from the inspection centre. If you are looking for a provisional or definitive licence, register and sit for the tests because no any other you can have it. All other means are illegal and in one way or another they will be detected and arrested,” he added.



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