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According to the senior management of the Tour du Rwanda and of the Rwanda Cycling Federation, some of the already registered cycling teams have removed the candidacy  and are replaced so far.

Kangagi Suleiman one of the best Kenyan riders
Kangagi Suleiman one of the best Kenyan riders

Two cycling teams have removed their respective candidacies to participate into this eighth Tour du Rwanda session due financial hindrances.

The teams that removed the candidacies are Tirol Cycling Team from Austria and Sharjah Cycling Team from United Arab Emirates.

Aimable Bayingana who is the executive secretary in the Rwanda Cycling Federation told Umuseke that the above teams were replaced by other teams from Kenya and Cameroon.

These new developments are more likely to allow internationally recognized riders such as Clovis Kamzog Abessolo from West Africa to attend the Tour du Rwanda.

The guy has significantly won in different cycling tours such as in The Tour de la Réconciliation in 2016 where he ended being the seventh one and the fifth in the Grand Prix Chantal Biya 2016.

The Kenyan team has one of the stars namely Suleiman Kangangi , among others.

Kenyan team
Kenyan team
Kamzong Clovis-
Kamzong Clovis




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