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Draquepitt is no more. The oldest cat in the world died last Week-end at the age of 27.

Hans and Year owners of dead cat

It is in 2011 that Draquepitt, so called because of its two teeth that made it looking  like Dracula monster. Oldest  cat according to Guinness Book of Records, Draquepitt however, had not been able to be registered due in the book due  to lack of sufficiently precise vaccination record.

Draquepitt ,The Cat

For its owners, Year (77 years) and Hans (81 years) residing Flardingue, Netherlands, however, this is a surprise. Draquepitt that  celebrated its birthday two weeks ago was healthy. “We had to buy two boxes of food for the loved puppy,” they confide in Algemeen Dagblad.

Despite their sadness, they are relieved, however, do not see their pet suffer and decline. “We are delighted that Draquiepitt  died of old age and not a disease,” said An “But I miss it so much.”

J.D Nsengiyumva