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This package of money to be used in the angle  to helping Rwandans acquire  quality  services  sector to improve. The event took place 21, May, 2013, in presence of the Minister of Finance and Plan with the Representative of the World Bank in Rwanda, Kenya and Erytrea, Miss Diarietou Gaye.

Minister Ambossador Gatete Clever with Miss Diarietou Gaye signing agreements

In a  small interview with journalists, she expressed “the willingness of the World Bank to accompany Rwanda in its utter commitment to enhance good governance and quality services delivery ”.

Ambassador Clever Gatete recognized the usefulness of the package, underlining that it will increase the availability of funds to improve quality services delivery  because as, he observed, ‘citizens sometimes claim because of poor services delivery’.

Ambassador continues saying that concerned population will be more involved in the decision making about the action plans that deserve priorities. Since the starting of this year, 2013, the World Bank has contributed around $ 160 million to rural and urban development programs in Rwanda and promises that it will continue as to help Rwanda achieve its second EDPRS term and 2020 Vision goals.