The Rayon Sports’ coach apologizes for the defeat caused by APR FC – UMUSEKE – News indeed
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Yesterday as  he was training the Rayon to get ready for this Saturday’s match with the Panthere du Nde from Cameroun, Sosthene  Habimana apologized for the defeat that his team faced when it played with APR FC last week-end with 4-0.“ I do apologize for the defeat we faced when we played with the APR FC last week-end”, he told UM– USEKE.

Sosthene Habimana instructing the team members
Sosthene Habimana instructing the team members

He however said that he is doing every think possible to build the team strongly so that it might win the forthcoming matches.

Sosthene Habineza urged the Rayon Sports fans to keep supporting the team during this Saturday’s match with Panthère du Nde.

The lead player of the Rayon Sports, Fuadi Ndayisenga affirmed that the team has learnt lessons from the last week end’s match and these lessons inserted in them the spirit to keep trying and win ahead the match with Panthère du Nde.

Yesterday, Panthere du Nde arrived in Rwanda with 24 persons to get prepared for this Sunday’s match. It is hosted in the La Palisse Hotel, Nyandungu.

The team that will win over the other will qualify for the match with the Egyptian football team called Zamalek.


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