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Olivier Karekezi who is the Head coach of the Rwandan Football team Rayon Sport wrote that he is nostalgic of his family members living in Europe. He packed his bags without informing his superiors and went in Sweden. Observers claim that the coach quits the team after it was defeated by its rival APR FC on Sunday, 25, February, 2018.

Karekezi Olivier took his bags leaving Rayon Sports alone while it has to face the Gicumbi FC on Thursday

After the death of the former deputy coach of Rayon Sports, Katauti Hamad, Rayon Sports is enduring defeats intruded on by its rivals mainly APR FC.

Rayon Sports lost four matches that it had with APR FC, Etincelles FC, Bugesera FC and Miroplast FC.

The most ridiculous loss was intruded on Rayon Sports by its rival APR FC after last Sunday’s match.

Karekezi Olivier wrote on his Instagram page that he is willing to visit his family, adding that this has to happen sooner.

He thereafter boarded into the Brussels Airlines flying to Sweden where his family lives.

On his Instagram page he wrote that he is eager to visit his beloved family
The Head coach of the Rayon Sport Olivier Karekezi