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Followers flock to Arshid Ali Khan’s temple – often leaving cash or gifts in return for a blessing. PHOTOS: 12-Yr-Old Boy With Tail Hailed As God  Divine, Arshid and devotee  They believe the youngster – Balaji to his devotees – is the reincarnation of Hindu monkey God Hanuman. 

Indian Boy Balaji

But doctors say he has meningocele, a form of spina bifida where the spinal cord develops abnormally.PHOTOS: 12-Yr-Old Boy With Tail Hailed As God  Monkey god, Hanuman  Balaji, who lives with his grandparents near Chandigarh, said: “I love my tail. It’s a gift from God.

It’s unusual but people respect me and bow before me because of it. I feel special.”  PHOTOS: 12-Yr-Old Boy With Tail Hailed As God  Arshid and his grandparents  “I’m so happy with grandparents Suraya and Iqbal.”

Doctors say if the growth is not removed, Balaji’s twisted limbs could become worse.

The boy's parents
The boy’s parents