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Sweco has been chosen to study and plan a new peat-fired power plant in Rwanda. The new plant will contribute to more than doubling Rwanda’s supply of electricity. For Sweco, the contract is worth a total of over EUR 1.5 million.

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“The new power plant will meet Rwanda’s urgent need for electricity and provide vital opportunities for continued social progress throughout the region. Sweco has been carrying out assignments in Rwanda for about ten years and it is inspiring to be part of the positive development that is taking place in the country,” says Erik Severin, President of Sweco Energuide.

Sweco’s assignment is to conduct studies and plan a new peat-fired power plant with a capacity of 90 megawatts. In the initial study, Sweco has taken into account the technical-economic, environmental and social conditions to extract peat for increased electricity production. During the planning and design phase, Sweco will prepare tender documents, specifications for implementation and a work plan for how to produce peat for the facility. Sweco will also draw up a plan to ensure that environmental and social consideration is taken during implementation.
Sweco’s assignment will run until 2014 and the new power plant is expected to go into operation during 2017.

Press Release of The Swedish Wire

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