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The Youth that underwent rehabilitation program in Iwawa Center is facing challenges relating to a lack of material help. Five among them are now jailed in Kabuga detention due to the carelessness of Nyarugenge District to provide help it owes them.

During the Graduation Ceremony Last session

One of the representatives of the youth told Umuseke that as they came to Kigali, Nyarugenge District has promised to them a material  assistance  to reintegrate the normal life.

But still they are waiting to this promise to materialize.

Among these promises included to help them reach their respective families, helping the orphans find where to live and providing to them needed material assistance as they are slowly integrating the normal life.

“Apart from the only provision of food there no other significant assistance they provide to us among all they promised so far” He continued.

He underlined that due to this carelessness o behalf of the Nyarugenge District some of his fellow returned back to street life and have been detained by the Inkeragutabara Reserve Forces and are jailed at Kabuga.

All those five were shelter less youth and this pushed them to drop out the center due to that.

Umuseke asked the Executive Secretary in Charge of Sport and Culture in the Nyarugenge District Munyabugingo Gaston who denied to provide more details on the issue. He said that the Mayor of District is to one to provide more insights on the situation.

Mayor Mukasonga Solange said that the issue concerns the Vice mayor in charge of social affairs who did not manage to pick up the phone.