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The research carried out on Human fitness basing  on  one’ sleeping habits  mentions  that when a person may take too small time to rest and takes dinner late increase risks of  weigh decrease.

Students and researchers are among people suffering from Sleep deprivation

The researcher asserted that the study carried on different people, and this issues has been seriously studied in laboratory where the results had shown that sleeping disorders lead to significant loss of weigh at a large scare.

As emphasized by medicalnewstoday, Andrea Spaeth and his group said that “to sleep 12:00 pm to 8:00 am from Monday to Friday, comparable with the person who starts to sleep from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am when you compare the quality of life, the result is totally different.

The researcher also mentioned that the meals which have taken in midnight have more negative ingredients in human life than meals taken in ordinary time.

In time to sleep many days this study also mentioned that the man have to increase much height than women.

The research is carried out in Pennsylvania university researchers in United State of America.

Different human body organs are endangered due to the lack of sufficient sleep

There are a number of diseases such as sleep apnea, headache ,road accidents …all of these being connected to sleeping disorders.

Sleeping disorders are caused by different factors such current technological gadgets that take people time to rest.



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