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Her name is Mukamana Aziza.She lives in Muhanga District, Southern Province. When we went to visit her in Gitarama Cell, we got surprised about her chicken husbandry .A lot of hens and chicken were making noise around .She was busy feeding them.

She is financially fit
She is a business-minded woman

The woman who owns this business told us that before she headed a shop in the nearby market. But she left it for a new promising business that, according to her, ‘has changed her life’.

It is in 2010 that she started thinking about how to transform her business into a new one that could eventullay increase her financial incomes.

Aziza B

“I launched my business with a little amount of money that allowed me to buy 100 chickens “Aziza reported to reporter. She now has a big flock numbering around 900 chickens that produce700 eggs per day. This is a big achievement as she says.


Through an effective use of compost resulting from these chickens, she is able to grow greens planted in home gardens and sells that compost to her neighbors, an activity that gives her remarkable financial incomes nearing that generated from selling eggs.

Aziza family

Because of her economic activities, Muhanga District officials awarded her as the best entrepreneur woman that mounted the stairs of success. In our interview with her, she spoke about the fact that her success lays on friendly relations she ties with fellow neighbors.  “I could not reach anywhere without their cooperation”.

“When I am not around they buy eggs. During the harvest time, I buy the peelings of corns of maize plants they grow. It became a win-win situation whereby mutual helpfulness is the key” She observed.

According to her, above all, there is a government that does protect its citizens in way that allows businesses to prosper. “The fact that we can sleep comfortably and get up early in the morning to get to work is a testimony that our President, His Excellence Paul Kagame wishes the best for his people. He allowed women to actively participle into national life”Mukamana Aziza recognizes.

To satisfy Muhanga market in eggs supply and reaching even beyond is her ultimate goal.


UM– USEKE.RW/ Muhanga.