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Anastasia Uwimabera , 44 years old, is a married woman  with three children. She lives in Nyamabuye sector, Muhanga district Southern Province. Before, she worked at GTZ (A German Non -Governmental Organization). After completing her studies in developmental sciences, she decided to quit the job she had before  and run her own business.

In her banana plantations ,worthy 200000Rwf

She approached Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) to look for a loan of 50 million Rwandan francs. She bought a land and built in it two buildings one for conference hall and another for lodges. Within one month, construction of both buildings was completed.

But she says things were not easy from the starting because she was afraid of how to pay back the loan. But she says that she was decided to put into practice what she has learned. For the moment, she is proud of having her own business that grows and she enjoys the success as result to development whether for herself and for other women.

A well -taken care of banana plantations

Uwimabera earns 500,000 a month that enables her to pay the Bank’ loan. She has five female permanent workers and others that are not permanent. Apart from paying the loan regularly, she also has  bananas and tomatoes plantations. The agricultural harvest provides her with a financial incomes of 200,000 Rwf in addition to 500 000 she earns form houses’ rents which make 700,000Rwf total a month.

Anastasia encourages everyone especially women  to look for Banks’ loans in order to  start  their own businesses. She plans to employ 50 women in three years to come and to develop her business further .

Two houses that provide her with 500.000 Rwf per rent


These two buildings has capacity to host 500 with value of two hundreds thousands of Rwandan francs per rent.

Conference room :interior design

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