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During a visit in Musanze District June, 11, 2013, H.E Paul Kagame ensures Rwandans that our security is and  will remain strongly guarded for a lasting development of Rwandans.

President Paul Kagame delivering His speech in Musanze.

He thanked Musanze inhabitants for their commitment to work.

“We are glad to have people like you have that understood the usefulness of hardworking. This helps you get developed fast and our nation benefits from your hard work” His Excellence acknowledged.

President Paul Kagame added that current economic development that Rwandans have is a result of their understanding f where they come from and where they are heading for. In different areas of national life Rwandans are improving their living styles.

However, according to President Kagame, many people outside Rwanda do not wish to see our nation developing. But He made clear that whatever threat from outside will be managed.

Concerning security, His Excellence underlined that this is an issue that concerns everyone but added that security keeping is number topic in the government agenda.

“Those negatives forces that attempt to disturb our welfare will be brought to nothing soon. They did what they did but currently they are nothing” President Paul Kagame ensured to all Rwandans during his speech at Musanze.

President Kagame underlined that education is a key to a sustainable development. Thanking Musanze district people for their economic development efforts, He advised them to keep on sending their children to school so to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

“This is time for leaders to be fully involved in the solving of people’s problems” President mentioned.

Before He ended his speech he urged Musanze inhabitants to practice what they heard from Him.

 Vénuste Kamanzi