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After holding Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center’s General Assembly, bringing together the biggest global players in the industry last week in Kigali, Rwandan miners prove they are optimistic to get fruitful outcome and get the real cost of this precious mineral.


Hon. Francis Gatare, the Chief Executive of Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board, said it will be very easy for Rwandan traders to export tantalum for it has been difficult for Rwandan to do so in the recent past.

“The attendees have witnessed that Rwanda is the first Tantalum-Niobium producer around the globe. Local producers have got opportunity to meet them and indeed became aware of the real international cost of tantalum,” Gatare adds.

Jean Malic Kalima, the Chairman of Rwandan Miners Association, reveals to Umuseke that Rwandan Tantalum has been being wrongly recognized as the one from regions under conflict (as DRC) and that really hampered exportation.

He stressed that the assembly will put an end to that misinterpretation of the reality.

We pay a lot of money for certification and traceability because our minerals are recognized as the ones under unsecured countries.”  Kalima pinpoints.

He also said Rwandan miners have got opportunity to meet biggest global investors adding that this will enhance mutual collaboration.

Emmanuel Muhire, the tantalum miner and exporter, revealed that the event has provided them with valuable knowledge on separating Tantalum form Niobium of which they are used to selling together as they are mined mixed.

“In my mines, niobium is bigger than tantalum but I was supposed to export them mixed although the former is more expensive as compared to the later. So, now as we are allowed to separate them, my profit will certainly increase.” He aded

In this 59th assembly, the attendees discussed together how they can harmonize collaboration with shipping companies and agreed to work together in a bid to fight against the crooks and theft on the ports.

Rwanda is the first tantalum producer in the world with 60% of globally produced quantity.

Rwanda’s tantalum ore is exported to external buyers, over 2,000 tons were produced and

exported for the period of July 2017 to June 2018.

Tantalum products are used in electronic manufacturing including cell phones, computers, automotive electronics, jet engine components, and nuclear reactors.