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The Apex Media and Promotions Ltd in partnership with the National Cooperatives Confederation of Rwanda and the Rwanda Cooperative Agency organized the first edition of cooperatives expo with the aim of creating a unique platform for networking and sharing experiences, information and ideas for cooperatives, suppliers and policy makers in Rwanda.

Cooperatives are playing a key role in social development well being of Rwanda

The Expo will take place from 28-29, March, 2018 at the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village.

Over 500 delegates are expected to attend the two days’ event. Mainly cooperatives from different federations in all sectors, suppliers and key partners and will be open to members of the public.

The Chairman of the Rwanda Cooperative Agency Dr Augustin Katabarwa said that ‘it is the first and biggest exhibition for cooperatives in Rwanda and we expect it to provide a platform for us to share best practices, ideas and experiences, information to create better market linkages.’

Ignatius Kabagambe the CEO of the APEX Media&Promotions said that the idea of the Cooperatives Expo&Conference was informed by the cooperatives have played a vital role in the development of the country over the years but they lack a unique platform to showcase what they are doing .

In the sidelines of the expo, workshops on day one and conference on day two are planned.  The conference will attract over 16 speakers who will tackle key topics in regards to cooperatives and the contribution to the development of the country and social wellbeing of Rwandans.

Ignatius Kabagambe(holding the microphone), the Chairman of the RCA in the middle
The expo will be featuring different stakeholders