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The Rwandair Company is said to have purchased two new aircrafts labeled A330-200 with another one identified as A330-300.

One of the Airbuses that  Rwandair has purchased
One of the Airbuses that Rwandair has purchased

On Saturday the first airplane flew for the test as to find out its functioning before operations start.
The aircrafts are being tested in France at the Airbus Headquarters and are expected to arrive in Kigali at the end of this year.

As Rwandair aims at extending its operations in Europe and Middle East and in Asia the purchase of these new aircrafts will help in concretizing the aim.

Airbus A330-200 is equipped with 244 seats that include 20 business class seats, 21 premium seats and 203 seats for ‘ordinary’ passengers.

Both aircrafts have powerful engines labeled Rolls Royce Trent 772B that are helpful in flying long distances.

Our sources say that both airbuses are worth of Rwanda 500 million $.