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During an interview Rwandan Minister in Charge of Foreign affairs  and Cooperation held with RFI(Radio-France Internationale) yesterday she  argued that Rwanda ,by no means, can have talks with genocide perpetrators who, before fleeing to DRC, killed not less than one million of innocent Tutsi in 1994.

Louise Mushikiwabo,Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Her statements seem to respond to solutions President Jakaya Kikwete ,President of Tanzania has proposed last few days ago at Addis-Abeba,AU Headquarters, whereby he advised Rwanda to initiate  open peace talks with FDLR’s  as a solution for a lasting peace in  neighbor DR Congo.

“We are surprised at hearing Kikwete saying that Rwanda can have talks with FDLR.He,as former Minister of Foreign affairs of his country understands that such rebels are not worthy to be having talks with “said Mushiwabo.

Rwanda has set a Commission in charge of repatriation of refugees.Hundrends even thousands of refugees returned back home  since 1995. FDLR fighters who willingly have returned back received  an aid to integrate normal life as any other Rwandan as affirmed by Rwandan Ministry for the refugee repatriation and for the fight against disasters.

For Mushikiwabo, FDLR members should return back  home peacefully and reintegrate normal life as any other Rwandan in case they are not guilty of genocide involvement or commission but having talks with them is a something that will never take place. At the African Union summit in Addis Ababa, 8 African leaders were meant to sign a U.N.-mediated peace deal aimed at ending two decades of conflict in eastern Congo.
The deal was to be signed on the last day of the summit, but was cancelled at the last minute.

Nizeyimana Jean Pierre