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A group of medical experts from UK and Germany are in Rwanda since last week to operate different diseases that are hardly curable. This Wednesday the group was divided into two smaller groups, one heading to Rwamagana and another one went to Gahini hospitals to carry out surgery operations.

Medical experts making the surgery at Rwamagana hospital
Medical experts making the surgery at Rwamagana hospital

At Gahini hospital, the volunteers operated 23 patients while at Rwamagana not less than 30 patients were operated.

One of the beneficiaries of the services named Shadrack Murindabigwi told Umuseke that he was suffering from the intestines complications but after undergoing the surgery, he got cured and hopes live will be more easy and enjoyable.

Disimas Kayigamba who is an elderly man suffered from a skin abnormality.

He said that that the experts from UK and Germany will cure the illness and help him feel normal and socially fit.

The Head of the Gahini hospital Dr. Alphonse Muvunyi told Umuseke that the presence of the experts mentioned above is of a paramount importance as it backs them in their daily activities.

He commended their efforts provided by them in both curing them and in training medical staff as to equip them with necessary skills that will help them in the future.

Pastor Osee Ntavuka the CEO of the Rwanda Legacy of Hope initiative that brought the experts To Rwanda revealed to media that the intention is to find out whether these medical interventions can be carried out at a monthly basis.

This would help many Rwandans acquire medical treatment they deserve.

After Rwamagana and Gahini hospitals, the experts will be operating in CHUK Kigali based hospital on Thursday.

Gahini Hospital man gate
Gahini Hospital man gate
A clean and warm environment
Rwandan medical practitioners learning more from the UK and Germany experts
Dr Alphonse Muvunyi


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