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The Rwandan Amavubi stars will play with the Libyan football in a match scheduled to take place in Morroco in the coming months to compete for the 2015 CAN.

The Rwandan Amavubi stars
The Rwandan Amavubi stars

The selection was made yesterday to find out the journey Amavubi will make for the upcoming 2015 CAN.

The first match will take place on 16,17,18 May  2014 and will be held in Libya.

The team that will win between Rwanda and Libya will play with the one that will win between Namibia and Congo-Brazza to take place on August this year.

A summary of the upcoming matches:

Liberia-Lesotho, Kenya-Comores, Madagascar-Uganda, Mauritania-Equatorial Guinea, Namibia-Congo-Brazzaville, Burundi-Botswana, Central African Republic , Bissau Guinea, Swaziland-Sierra Leone, Gambia-Seychelles, Sao Tomé-Benin, Malawi-Chad, Tanzania-Zimbabwe, Mozambique- and S.Soudan .

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