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The 2013 International Trade Fair will greatly impact the country’s economy, especially the manufacturing sector and the small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs), the Prime Minister has said.

PM Habumuremyi Pierre Damien
PM Habumuremyi Pierre Damien

Pierre Damien Habumuremyi made the remarks during the official opening of the Trade Fair yesterday at Gikondo Expo Grounds in Kigali.

He noted that the country’s good governance and recent business reforms created a conducive business environment that would enable the country achieve private sector driven growth.

“We need to find ways of promoting small and medium firms, especially for growing sectors like construction, mining, textiles, ICT, agriculture and hospitality,” he said.

Habumuremyi commended exhibitors from within and outside the country for particpating in the 15-day event.

PM opening the International Fair at Gikondo Exhibition Site

The Expo will see exhibitors market Rwanda abroad, generate income for the country, employ the youth, give people a chance to shop affordably, enable Rwandan producers learn from their foreign counterparts and promote Rwandan culture and tourism.

The trade fair has attracted exhibitors from 20 countries. These include countries from the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) region, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Belgium, Mauritius and India.

“Having an international trade fair like this is key to transforming the informal sector. I encourage exhibitors to take time off their busy schedules to actively participate in back to back meetings and forge partnerships for various investment or trade transactions,” said Benjamin Gasamagera, chairman of the Private Sector Federation (PSF).

Benjamin Gasamagera ,The New PSF Chief

A ‘business corner’ where local business people will meet and interact foreign exhibitors to discuss business and network, has been reserved.

During this year’s expo, we look at what Rwanda could do better to harness trade opportunities in both regional and global markets, thus the theme ‘Linking businesses to Markets’,” Gasamagera said.

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