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One of the key issues that Rwanda National Police warns about is the phone driving behavior among drivers. Since 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, Rwanda National Police has reported many deadly accidents that have happened in Kigali streets and across the country. This reality has brought decision makers from key institutions including the Ministry of health, RNP and public transport practitioners as to assess how effectively this sad reality can be reversed.

On phone driving is increasingly becoming a threat to the public health

Thereafter 15 decisions have been taken and among which the 14th decision stipulates that on phone drivers will face serious law punishments. However, a relative number of drivers have mistaken these measures, bypassing them and start on phone driving behaviors.

The Rwanda National Police condemns such behaviors as they threaten people’s lives.

On phone driving alongside over speeding are among the causes of deadly accidents as Police reports.

The over speeding is under control through the installation of the speed governors in buses as to counter drivers’ intentions to over speed.

The Photos bellow show how the on phone driving keeps increasing among Rwandan drivers, a trend that RNP is committed to eradicate through applying serious punishments.

On phone driving is increasingly becoming a threat to the public health
He calmly chats with a fellow while driving
One exposes his/her life once he/she drives while on phone
These behaviors are threatening people’s lives
RNP keeps warning drivers about the dangers of on phone driving
When one drives while chatting on phone. his brain becomes less active and aware of the surroundings. This reality exposes one’s life to deadly accident


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