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There was no activity on the Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE) yesterday with no shares changing hands, the bourse daily market report indicates.

Rwanda Stock Exchange
Rwanda Stock Exchange

This is the opposite of Friday’s trading session when a total turnover of Rwf2.2 billion was recorded from sale of close to 13.6 Bralirwa shares traded in two deals. Crystal Telecom realised a turnover of Rwf68,600 on Friday from 700 shares traded in one deal.

The RSE Rwanda Share Index and the All Share Index were unchanged yesterday, closing at 146.79 and 130.60 points, respectively.

All the counters were constant compared to Friday’s close, with Equity Bank at Rwf334, the NMG closed at Rwf1,200 and KCB was at Rwf330. Bank of Kigali closed at Rwf280, Bralirwa at Rwf174, while Crystal Telecom was at Rwf98, and Uchumi Supermarkets at Rwf104.

 At the end of the formal trading hours, there were outstanding offers of 5,200 Bank of Kigali shares ranging from Rwf280-Rwf300, while the Bralirwa counter received outstanding offers of 308,200 shares at Rwf174, but investors were ready to buy 15,000 shares at Rwf165.

Crystal Telecom had outstanding offers of over 1.9 million shares at between Rwf98 and Rwf106, and bids for 49,500 shares ranging from Rwf90-96. On KCB counter, there was an offer of 9,700 shares at Rwf340 and no bids.

On the bond market, there were outstanding bids for Rwf50.3 million worth of bonds ranging from Rwf101-102, but there were no offers.

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